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A problem common to many schools is that capital funding comes in annual tranches and is often uncertain or reserved for specific projects. So schools often grow in a haphazard fashion and the IT suite that you added last year turns out to be in the wrong location when you come to upgrade the playground the following year.

For St Martin of Porres primary school in the London Borough of Haringey, HEAT drew up a master plan for development of the school over the next ten years. This included new amenities such as a multipurpose hall and landscaping – gardens for each key stage and new entrance and circulation. This allowed the school to bid for funding and plan their resources efficiently.

HEAT involved all the stakeholders; children, parents, staff and the local community and led the negotiations with the local authority and DfES. We held an “Architecture Day” at the school, giving talks to the children on techniques such as measuring, construction and design and then led a series of workshops where the pupils designed their own interpretations of the new school.

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Haringey/Permitted development/ Kitchen Extension Permitted

HEAT have obtained a Certificate of Lawful development for a kitchen extension to an Arts and Crafts house in North London. Combining decoration and modernism, this period of English architecture exerts a lasting influence on contemporary design. Illustration: Vase by William de Morgan.

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