Track Record/Other Locations

Education/Listed Building/Outside London/ History Centre Listed Building Consent

Pershore Council in Worcestershire have decided to turn this redundant cottage in the grounds of the Cemetery into a Family History Centre and research centre. HEAT have won Planning and Listed Building Consent to redevelop the cottage adding a new glazed link building with WC and Catering facilities. The new wing will feature a frameless glazed roof and solid ledged and braced oak doors.

Project 174


New Build/Outside London/ Country Pool House

HEAT have developed a stunning scheme for a pool and poolhouse in the Buckinghamshire countryside. In the steeply sloping grounds of a recently built house, our scheme comprises two curving stone walls which nestle into the hillside and conceal a family room and other facilities and a South-facing pool, protected from the weather. Conceived with landscape designer Matthew Wilson, the project uses local stone and native planting to fit within the landscape.

Project 170


Listed Building/Outside London/ Is that enough chimneys yet?

There had been planning enforcement threatened on this beautiful Grade II listed site near Horsham due to the previous owner’s development. HEAT obtained retrospective planning and listed building consent, and devised a scheme to integrate a C17th Hunting Lodge, a Victorian cottage and a new extension into a new family home; all in the South Downs National Park. The cellar of the hunting lodge had a stream running through it. The cold water ran through stone culverts in the floor and kept the cellar cool. C17th Air conditioning.

Project 146


Outside London/ Country House in Taplow

Like many country estates this detached late Victorian house with wonderful views over the Thames Valley had been extended and modified from fairly modest beginnings and as a consequence, the rooms were not quite in the right place and the circulation was awkward. The solution involved some subtle tweaks to the layout; closing some openings and forming others; turning the servants’ staircase round and re-thinking the outdoor space around the house.

Typically in the past, kitchens used to be stuck away at the back of the house, so we swept away some smaller rooms and partitions and created a new family dining room and kitchen that links front and back with French doors out onto the terrace and those sweeping views.

HEAT obtained planning consent from South Bucks District Council for a side extension that consolidated many years’ accretion of outbuildings into a new staff flat.

Project 166


Listed Building/Outside London/ Country House Extension

Sometimes it is only necessary to make small changes to a layout to unlock the plan. In this beautiful detached Regency house in Berkshire we were able to rearrange some of the circulation routes and internal walls and create a free flowing plan that brought every room into use and made it possible to come up with great furniture arrangements.

An internal lift and a glazed breakfast room extension completed the scheme which was granted planning consent by Wokingham Borough Council.

Project 151


Listed Building/Outside London/ Arts and Crafts House in Surrey

HEAT have obtained planning and listed building consent for new dormer windows and an attic conversion at this charming listed country house near Godalming. Built by Ernest Newton in 1911 in a blend of modernism and Arts and Crafts, we researched the correspondence with the architect and builders from when the house was built and tracked down the original suppliers of the roof tiles and the windows in nearby Haslemere commissioning replicas so that the new interventions blend seamlessly with the original.

Project 125


Developer/New Build/Overseas/ Ski Club

HEAT have been working with ALEF Architects to produce plans for a ski resort hotel North of Moscow including landscaping. The resort includes 40,000 sq ft of restaurants, club rooms, a health spa and the design consists of a series of volumes arranged around an arc with full glazing facing towards the landscape and views.

Project 130


Listed Building/Outside London/ Listed House refurbishment

HEAT have gained planning and listed building consent for the refurbishment of an Arts and Crafts house in Surrey. The house was built with a servants’ wing that had been largely unchanged for a hundred years and this project was to update and restore this wing creating a comfortable five bedroom family home, whilst keeping the detail and feeling of the original design.

Project 087


Outside London/ New Life for Cotswolds Mill

In a sensitive location in the Cotswolds HEAT were asked to undertake a study for the refurbishment of a C18th Mill building. The old building had had many additions over the centuries and HEAT focussed on paring back the original form of the building, forming new openings to admit light and creating a stunning floating room that hovered out over the millpond. The proposals use oak frames and Cotswold stone to mesh with the rural waterside setting.

Project 116


Outside London/ Great Hall Stair

Sometimes a small intervention can bring about a huge change. HEAT were asked to design a new staircase for the Great Hall of a country house in Berkshire. There had been numerous alterations to the house over the years with the result that the circulation no longer flowed naturally. The design; an elegant helix, gracefully linked a gallery and the Hall. The material; English oak was chosen to complement the existing house.

Project 114