Track Record/Developer

Camden/Developer/Listed Building/ Lost Staircase

We were excited to discover a lost basement staircase in an unusual C18th house in Bloomsbury and with the help of Mark Strawbridge from the Museum of London obtained Listed Building consent to re-open it, helping turn the house back to residential use following conversion from offices. The balustrade of the main stair above is an unusual design sometimes referred to as “Chinese Chippendale”

Project 176


Developer/Enfield/New Build/ Infill Development in North London

At the rear of a residential care home in North London was an unpromising site with a fine Southerly aspect, but a steep and inaccessible slope. HEAT have developed an innovative design for six new substantial terraced houses which have just received the blessing of Enfield Council at the Planning pre-application stage. The houses have been designed to meet the highest standards of accessibility and energy conservation and each is over 2000 sq ft with a dedicated garage. The design of the upper floors and the set back gables allow us to incorporate a third floor within the massing of the building.

Project 165


Developer/New Build/Wandsworth/ New Houses in Clapham

Spencer Park in Wandsworth is a gem with large villas backing onto green lawns and tennis courts on three sides. Our developer clients proposed a new house on a sensitive infill site between two existing houses. Two previous applications had been turned down and HEAT were able to successfully negotiate a planning consent for a new brick house with stone detailing and a modern take on the Dutch Gable (Seen here under construction). One of the existing houses next door was converted from a business use to residential providing over 11,000 sq ft of new residential property in this prime part of Southwest London.


Developer/Listed Building/Westminster/ New Flat in Harley Street

The basements of the C18th Houses in Harley Street are nearly all used for Doctor’s consulting rooms, and when the lease expired on this particularly tired one, our clients decided to return it to residential use. HEAT obtained planning and listed building consent for a straightforward scheme, that, nevertheless required several measures against damp including tanking throughout, ventilation to all the rooms with heat reclamation and a new concrete slab with underfloor heating. In the end the basement and ground floor provided two dry and pleasant two bedroom flats for rental investment.

Project 152


Developer/Merton/New Build/Planning Appeal/ Appeal Success in Wimbledon

HEAT’s design for a new family house in Wimbledon was described as a “sensitive design solution” by the appeal inspector in a landmark decision this week. The inspector has overturned the decision of the London Borough of Merton to refuse permission for the demolition and rebuilding of this three storey house. The developer’s case was that the house was in such poor condition that it made a negative contribution to the Conservation Area and they proposed sensitively rebuilding the front facade to match the existing, whilst constructing a new contemporary house behind the facade. The inspector stated that “The appellants’ articulate and well-documented statements submitted with their applications present a convincing case as to why the original dwelling does not make a positive contribution to the CA.” The inspector “saw no evidence to demonstrate that the Council had been willing to enter into constructive dialogue after the applications had been submitted despite the voluminous and credible information it had received and requests to meet”, found that the Council’s behaviour was unreasonable and made a full award of costs on behalf of our clients.

Project 159


Barnet/Developer/ New Home in North London

Our developer clients in North London had a triangular piece of land at the rear of one of their properties that was detached from the rest of the garden. HEAT have designed a stunning two-storey family home for this sensitive site. To reduce the impact of the development the volumes are broken up into two brick gabled volumes linked with a lightweight glazed bridge which provides all the circulation. The effect is to create a five bedroom 3000 sq ft house with integrated garage, but to make it appear less significant in the streetscape. A mature English oak in the garden has been retained, providing shading from the Southerly aspect in the summer.

Project 164


Developer/Kensington & Chelsea/ New Apartment Created from Nowhere

With the pressure on housing in London it makes sense to maximise the space available. HEAT have won planning consent for a new flat in an existing mansion block on High Street Kensington that has been created out of a collection of store rooms and utility rooms that were no longer required as plant size reduces. This spacious self-contained two bedroom flat with en-suite bathrooms, concealed lighting, built-in furniture and a solid oak front door seems to have appeared from nowhere and substantially enhances the value for the building freeholders.

Project 099


Developer/Kensington & Chelsea/ The flat that came from nowhere

A large residential apartment block in Kensington had once had a live-in porter, but had changed to external staff years ago. In the lower ground floor, the porter’s flat had been mothballed and forgotten. We opened up this time capsule and combined it with redundant storage spaces to create a spacious and light two bedroom flat with its own self-contained entrance. HEAT obtained planning consent from Kensington and Chelsea for the conversion and brought a new apartment into being, apparently from nowhere!

Project 144


Developer/Lambeth/ The Loughborough Hotel

Three Victorian pubs once faced each other across this busy intersection in Lambeth. The upper floors of the Loughborough Hotel had been converted to flats, however the bar remained, boarded up and untenanted. This area is certainly up and coming, but our drawings were still pinched from the front door step where we had left them when our back was turned. HEAT worked with surveyors Fleurets to obtain a valuable residential use for this building and bring 3000 sq ft of space back into use with an innovative contemporary design.

Project 138


Developer/New Build/Wandsworth/ Business Centre Success

On the site of a former removals depot in Wandsworth, HEAT have gained a valuable planning consent for 15,000 sqm of new light industrial floorspace over 32 units. The site was designed to be readily navigable with a subtle design and branding that helped make the site easy to understand. A steel frame with flexible interior spaces allowed the maximum  development potential from the site.

There was a strong focus on sustainability with sustainable, recycled  building materials, grey water re-use and on-site solar generation.

Project 086