Track Record/Education

Education/Hackney/Listed Building/ Planning Consent for School

Princess May School in Hackney is a Board School, built in exuberant style in 1900 by architect Thomas Jerram Bailey with Dutch gables and Art Nouveau flourishes and named after Queen Mary (1867 to 1953) who was informally known as Princess May and who married the future George V in 1893, around the time the houses in Princess May Road were built.

In 1968 the architects for the Inner London Education Authority added a pre-fabricated “CLASP” system toilet block which not only looks out of place, but blocks the main entrance axis.

HEAT have won planning consent to remove this block and replace it with an airy new glazed entrance to the school, which will transform the access and visibility of the school in the community. We are relocating all the admin functions of the school to this new entrance block which will be clad in water-jet cut Corten steel (Steel that rusts immediately and forms a protective layer). The oxide red will pick up the soft red colours of the original brickwork. In their assessment Hackney Council commented: “The design proposed, within the constraints of the site and the budget, is felt to be an imaginative and attractive solution.”

Project 169


Education/Listed Building/Outside London/ History Centre Listed Building Consent

Pershore Council in Worcestershire have decided to turn this redundant cottage in the grounds of the Cemetery into a Family History Centre and research centre. HEAT have won Planning and Listed Building Consent to redevelop the cottage adding a new glazed link building with WC and Catering facilities. The new wing will feature a frameless glazed roof and solid ledged and braced oak doors.

Project 174


Education/Westminster/ Oxford House College

Oxford House College is a language school based in central London. HEAT carried out the refurbishment of their new four storey premises including creating Classrooms, a library, Common Room, Staff Room and cafeteria together with signage and branding. The design successfully used existing elements of the Edwardian interiors and created fresh and creative interior spaces for learning.

Project 117


Education/Kensington & Chelsea/ College Review

Ashbourne College is a private sixth form college near High Street Kensington. HEAT were asked to review the internal layout and make proposals for expanding the premises. School budgets and timetables are cyclical and it is helpful for schools to have a premises development plan in place to avoid making changes in one year that stymie plans for development the following year. HEAT undertook a quick feasibility study of three options for development.

Project 115


Education/Haringey/ North London Primary School

A problem common to many schools is that capital funding comes in annual tranches and is often uncertain or reserved for specific projects. So schools often grow in a haphazard fashion and the IT suite that you added last year turns out to be in the wrong location when you come to upgrade the playground the following year.

For St Martin of Porres primary school in the London Borough of Haringey, HEAT drew up a master plan for development of the school over the next ten years. This included new amenities such as a multipurpose hall and landscaping – gardens for each key stage and new entrance and circulation. This allowed the school to bid for funding and plan their resources efficiently.

HEAT involved all the stakeholders; children, parents, staff and the local community and led the negotiations with the local authority and DfES. We held an “Architecture Day” at the school, giving talks to the children on techniques such as measuring, construction and design and then led a series of workshops where the pupils designed their own interpretations of the new school.

Project 069


Education/Outside London/ New Performing Arts Centre

HEAT Architecture have completed the Building Regulations approvals and construction of a new performing arts centre for a school in Shepperton, West London. Working on behalf of Ash Design HEAT prepared construction drawings and site inspections for this two storey brick structure which houses a new theatre, catering facilities and rehearsal rooms.